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Sakura at Night via Flickr

Sakura at Night via Flickr

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Q & A

Any plans for a Vicious sequel?




Yes. Hopefully. Maybe. I think. 


/runs around screaming

Haha okay, sorry, that was a cruel answer. Let me try again. I will say that I have an outline for a VICIOUS sequel (the working draft is called VENGEFUL and haha we’ll see if I ever convince anyone to let me keep that title), and that I have had that outline since before VICIOUS was published (lest anyone think I did not go into those books intending them to be books plural). I will also say that a VICIOUS sequel will not be the next adult book I have hitting shelves (sorry books take time yo) but that it is my sincerest hope that there will be one, and I am not alone in that hope. In the meantime, the best way to ensure that the worlds gets more of that motley villain crew is to support VICIOUS!

I’ve never been into a book that had me rooting for the villain. >_<

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Happy Halloween motherfuckers

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#new england porn

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